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Just got an AA inspection report back on a potential 6 i am buying, seems most things Ok, but 1 thing that he has reported on was and i quote:
with the vehicle stationary, it was noticed that the speedometer needle kept flicking up at times almost to 30-40mph. It was also noticed that the odometer reading increased from ***68 to ***69 and the tripometer increased from 0.7-1.2 miles he went on to say that it never did this after he took it out on the test drive.

Has anyone experienced this B4, or indeed got any suitable reasons for it..Many thanks:)

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Re:Flicking Speedo

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Should be SPEEDO!!!!!!!!
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Do a search, this is a common prob, mine does it all the time!

Police do you know how fast you were going sir?

Me 90-100-110, which do you prefer?

Something to do with the electronic speedo sender unit, I think, ask HH6!


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This only seems to affect Ralliart cars and is due to the early type of speedo convertor they fitted. If you have a grey plastic box fitted on the bulkhead in the engine bay then that is the problem. The vibration on the bulkhead can cause them to go wrong and the later cars have a different type of convertor that is fitted on top of the gearbox speedo output.
Please note that some owners who have had this fault have not bothered to have it fixed because the faulty convertor means the odometer does not register the mileage covered. Just a warning, if you are looking at a car that has the faulty speedo the recorded mileage will be incorrect.

By the way can anyone supply me with a picture of the Ralliart gearbox mounted speedo convertor? I have a piccy of the grey box jobbie just need the other one for the FAQ's. Thanks.
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