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I have been reading on another site about Flaming out.
Having de-cat pipe, BOV,V to Air.
This I had been told by Dialynx is due to over rich mixture ,detonating in the exhaust manifold and hence flames come out the rear.
Now correct me if i am wrong ,but if the car is running correctly ,ie combustion ,flame outs shouldn't occur,due to air/ fuel mixture being correct. I thought the Ecu sets all this up?
My tail pipe is a little golden,not chrome now.
I have a sports box in my mid section of the exhaust,which should inhibit flame out.
My main concern is that if fuel is burning in the exhaust manifold I must be loosing power/combustion.
Also? having the Blitz filter more air intake ,running 97 ron I should have a weaker mixture.So the Ecu must regulate.
This should be a techie question by I pressed the wrong discussion and I don't want to write it again whilst still in my mind .
I'm sure there is a long explanation to this ,BUT i would still like to hear one.
Oh !! I can't afford an anti lag,but would an aquamist injection do any thing to help?



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the flame outs come because an evo is very rich on the fuel to keep the engine cool if you have a straight thru exhaust flames comes very easily

i have flames i think they are 30 to 40 inches long damn what a fun

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i have a ralliart air filter

standard downpipe
cat replacement pipe 2.5 inch
mid section replacement with no dempers in it 2.5 inch
back box 2.5 inch tail pipe

this all is made by hayward and scott these guys has made exhausts for several years for ralliart wrc team

i talked a lot to ian reeve he says bigger than 2.5 inch on a road car does not give any more power if you go to big you can loose power if you go over 300 bhp its beter to go to 3 inch pipe

with this system i have flames were i can only dream about it

i don t change a thing now

you must rev to engine to 7000 in all gears to get the exhaust very hot so it will burn the fuel on circuit days this is no problem

my tail pipe has a gold colour now

A. de Vries
RS 2 with very big flames

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got a number for hayward and scott please?

also what ecu are you running?

If I have a standard (and breathless) GSR VI I will need an ECU conversion to get the same as your RS - is that correct?

anybody got any for sure ECU recommendations

or any steer clears


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Aparently all you need for flame outs are.
after market dump valve.
air filter.
straight through exhaust de catted,and loads of high rev action changing gears.
de cat pipe for most stainless exhausts are about 35-45 quid.
but I think mainly its the exhaust being de -catted,and straight through.


Paul s

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hayward and scott tel nr: 01268 727256

i haven t changed my ecu its all standard its an rs 2 i don t know it s any differant to a gsr

Dump valve is standard also

back box cost me 275 pounds
midsection pipe 225 pounds
cat replacement pipe we have made it ourselfs

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The kid in me likes the idea but isn't the prospect of having to extract and replace the decat pipe every year to get the car through the MOT offputting for anyone?


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Steve C
Having just fitted a de-cat pipe.
It only takes about 10 mins to remove/refit. Al you need is a trolley jack and two 17mm spanners. alternativly get the MOT tester to do it whilst its on his ramp
I think that this is worth it.

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My car is in for a new clutch on monday .Then I can get some serious high revs and see if I have some.
I think my mid section sport box restricts the flames.

Paul s
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