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Going to have a go at fitting the B and amp;M short shifter to day,I have the instructions ,but is there anything that I should look for that isn't in the instuctions ,once taken apart I need a certain tool to get over it?
Bearing in mind that I once took a tumble dryer apart only to find putting it back together had some very interesting nuts and bolts materialise from now where:D

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Just fitted it took me about an hour,worst bit was getting the dash and console pieces out.
I kept the loading spring |PLS| washers attatched to the bolt set up hexagonal wrench ! [allen key]good job I had aset at hand,all went smoothly,feels shorter ,just got to try it bout later.
Nice one :D:D:D

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Have you got a 6? Love to hear what you (or any one else for that matter) thinks of the short shifter - could be v tempted myself...


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Well, I think they are bloody awesome !

I can supply and fit for £150inc and have 2 kits in stock.

Reduce throw by 25%, billet knob looks lovely.

Your not far from me (im Ashford, Kent) , why not pop down any
time and drive my evo , that'll convince you !!!!

Out of interest, one of my customers who I fitted a kit for has a very
expensive carbon knob (ooh errr!) and decided to keep his knob with
the B and amp;M shaft (!) , and he wants to sell the B and amp;M knob for £ if
anyone wants a tasty, silver , billet gear know, gis'a'shout....


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I have a E4 so pretty much the same ,took it out earlier and yep deffo shortening of the throw.Will have to have a quick session later tonight to see fully,but my guess is I will love it.
My old knob was scratched to hell ,so nice to have a nice shiney one again ,got to change my name to BOB MONKHOUSE ,so I can have my initials on the cap. Bob Monkhouse shorty shifter sound pretty good to me.;)

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Very pleased indeed with the short shift ,alot quicker to change gear in a corner ,plus I didn't miss third once on a quick run,common occurance on standing starts to a ton.
Thankfully I put it back together right a 1st for me:)
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