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You may have seen my earlier thread about how 2 fit oil temperature gauge?
Well I did it yesterday and amp; for anyone who is interested heres how I did it.
This is for assistance only and amp; if you prefer to do it another way fine and amp; dandy. The same goes for any damage caused/injury, I can not be held responsible. THANK YOU.

I purchased an A Pillar pod from Justin (Yellow 5) fantastic item and amp; highly recommended.
Gauges are HKS and amp; are suberb quality/finish.

The power and amp; earth feeds I took from my foglight feeds.
The hose for the boost gauge and amp; the lead for the oil temp probe I ran down the side of the dash board, (behind the dash), over the top of the fuse box arrangement, shrouding the oil temp lead in rubber hose as not to cause any fires.
After about 2 hours of deliberation, I decided not to drill holes in my bulkhead but removed the drivers side inner wing.
There is a rubber grommet which holds the wiring loom and amp; bonnet release. On the grommet there is a spare blanked hole which I bored out a bit to accept the Oil gauge lead/probe.
I then ran the lead through the inner wing and amp; down to the sump plug, cable ties every so often.
The HKS sump plug with hole for probe is cheaper than the ralliart item at approx 11 quid instead of £35 quoted by co-ord.
This fitted , like most HKS bits, like a glove.

The boost gauge hose I also ran through this grommet, making another hole and amp; sealing with silicon.
In the inner wing there was a screw hole near to the brake master cylinder which was free on my GSR, drilled it out slightly to the same diameter as the tube and amp; ran the tube along the throttle cable and amp; onto the air side of the pressure regulator (top hose)

Used velcro and amp; a dab of auto repair sikaflex (dont know if thats the right spelling) and amp; its there.

Looks spanking and amp; works a treat.

Hope this helps someone

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Couldn't have posted it at any better time. I've got exactly the same on order from Justin now.
Did you have to buy the sump plug separately? I wasn't sure if that came with it and just mailed Justin to send me everything I need to do the job!
Shame I've only just changed the bloody oil as I'll have to wait until after another track day to get the temp gauge working!
So where exactly does the pipe for the boost gauge fit into? Don't suppose someone has got some pictures I could see to make sure I don't balls up!


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Japracer, well explained mate. I'm one of lifes panic merchants and was unsure how the oil temp would be fitted, so I shy'd away from it. After reading your blurb, it's now on the shopping list.

BTW any pics??


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Sump plug is an extra bit of kit, Juston will get it for you if you have ordered the other bits.
Boost pipe from back of gauge comes with a tee piece.
If you look to the left of your fuel rail you will see the regulator.
The bottom of the regulater is the fuel side, the top is the air, cut the pipe and amp; join to the tee piece.
I the packet for the tee you will see a small brass fitting whcih goes into the '****' of the tee not one of the gonads:D


I can take pictures but not sure how to post them on here unless someone can host em for me?
I too am a panic merchant and thats why it took me 2 hours to decide not to drill the bulkhead.
Also fitted the HKS Oilcooler Kit which was a doddle and amp; is the boll.x!

I am in no way an expert but it worked for me so i thought i'd share it!

I can mail u pics if you like?

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Japracer, can you post me a pic of the T piece connected. A boost gauge is on my shopping list.
How much did the whole boost/temp kit cost anyway?

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Yep, did this a few weeks back. Same setup, got everything from Justin, except for the sump plug, it's cheaper to get it here in the States from HKSUSA (12 dollars). Well, not that I'm cheap, it's just that I totally forgot about it when I ordered the gauges from TorqueIC. :)

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Jap Racer
who's Phil, anyway, would you be kind enough to send them to my email address.

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Sorry steve
Reading glasses needed.
I will take the pics tomorrow and amp; mail them to EVOJKP, he will host em.

Thanks dave


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Sorry about the picture quality guys it blowing a gale here and amp; the cars back together again
Before anyone spots it,
Yes that is instant gasket on the sump plug, better safe than sorry.
Yes the oil temp gauge is stuck @ 100 degrees but I know why, its not normally like that.
Yes there are HKS oil cooler pipes there and amp; its a wicked kit to buy.

Hope this helps people, If anyone spots any errors please make me aware.


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I've got the pics on my mail server, but having trouble downloading them. If I cannot get them I'll acces webmail from work on Friday and get them up.


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Doh, just checked and I've got them. I'll get them up tomorrow during the day.

HKS sump plug assembly looks the biz :)
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