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Fitting a fuel pump w/o dropping the tank!

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How easy is it to replace the fuel tank w/o dropping the tank by going at it from above.

How much work is involved in removing the seats and gaining access???
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Re: fuel pump

RS_BOTT said:
Hi mate,

Did it this way myself sort of, you have to drop the prop shaft down, and let the tank drop slightly (Rich W's site made it sound so easy removing it) but my tank would not drop off the rear mounts.

The biggest problem doing it this way, is disconnecting the small balance pipe, and removing the pump itself, as its got a welded pipe around 10" long on top, if that makes sense??

Seat out and remove two metal covers about 2 mins, rest of the job isn't that bad, just a bit fiddly if your use to twirling some spanners I'd give it ago, did mine myself, but as said the tank has to drop down.

Cheers Paul
As above, was a bit fiddly, but not too difficult, lower the tank as much as poss.

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