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Fitting a fuel pump w/o dropping the tank!

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How easy is it to replace the fuel tank w/o dropping the tank by going at it from above.

How much work is involved in removing the seats and gaining access???
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Re: fuel pump

RS_BOTT said:
Rich W's site made it sound so easy removing it) but my tank would not drop off the rear mounts.

Sorry about that Paul - i found that on the GSR the tank drops easily but the RS has a different rear diff which gets in the way so on those you have to get access from under the rear seat (which is easily reomved by pulling on the two little handles at the front of it, and pulling the seat upwards at the front at the same time).

Its that long ago i'm struggling to remember how we did it through the inspection hatch, but we certainly did it without cutting any pipes, although it its tight.

The prop shaft does not require any special tools to remove it.

Good Luck! :)
Must edit the fuel pump page to accomodate RS's and the rear diff on them.

*added to the 'to do list'

1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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