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fitting 8/9 bilsteins to a 4

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:smthumbuphow easy is the above to do. i .e any fabrication needed or the like. and would it be worth doing? cheers
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you will need to drill out your camber bolt holes and use 7,8,9 camber bolts, also you need to make up x4 3mm spacers... washers will surfice :)
As John says, also the rear ones are a straight swap.

A step drill is a must have for a nice square job enlarging the bolt holes. The brake line and ABS sensor mounting arrangement is different and needs a bit of work, easy enough though.

Matthew :)
cheers i might look into this. is it worth the work?
+ john how much do they go for mate? cheers
It would certainly open up your scope to pick up some 2nd hand parts
a lot easier than it sounds ;)

cheers for the help lads
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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