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Tuesday I am fitting 4X 225/45/16 to my E4 16 rims .currenly on 205 /50/16. motor lowered 36mm front 16 mm rear.
Yokohama reckon that this is the max width tyre I can fit to my 16 wheels.although I am going for SO 2 bridgestone again. cost £ 114.00 fitted inc valve and balanced .Chessington tyres,Swindon.
feel like a fatter width ,was going to put just on rear ,but thought may bring on warning light some where.
Little extra grip with out too much expense.
Will watch for more tram lining,
225/45/16.not alot in rolling radius.clearance should be ok with inner arches,weight ditribution similar.
More grip ,keeping old set for wrecking on track day.
Do not go on a track with new So2s as soft compound. Will wear the ouside edge.very very the extent of rubber melting onto rubber ,leaving small globules attatched to the surface of your so s..

cheers paul s.
havn't been beaten yet
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