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Re:Fitted the A-pillar mount & guages from

Thanks for the comments.

Japracer, they're just bog standard guages all supplied by TorqueIC . I didn't fancy paying up for HKS / Blitz etc guages (although they may look a bit nicer). Also I wanted to find out how much boost I'm running fairly quickly (and the answer is too bloody much!!!) ;)

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Dave, have you got a shot of them lit up at night yet? I`ve got the pod and just need the gauges now.

....oh, also copied your idea for running me boost pipe into the car today for my existing boost gauge.Took the illumination from the stereo connections.


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Re:Fitted the A-pillar mount

Looks very good Dave, good stuff fitting yourself too !!!

Im still waiting for my next delivery on oil temp sump plugs, im
sure you'll have one within the next few days.

If anyone else is interested, the complete set-up, complete with pillar
pod, electronic oil temp gauge, mechanical boost gauge cost less than
£160 !!! and amp;lt;and that includes VAT and delivery!! and amp;gt;


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Good to hear Justin.
I can't wait to fit the oil temp sender as I need to change my oil from the last track day!!!

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