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Well, despite the talk i fitted the parts today. Blitz SUS induction kit (induction kit my a**e, it's a filter), HKS SQV and Magnex cat replacement and front pipe (thanx to Dave at Steve Hill who did the exhaust for FREE at 1 hour's notice) :)

Responds better, over 100mph in 5th feels more eager (probably due to more bhp), bov sounds GREAT, exhaust feels less restrictive when on full throttle. I think I'll throw my stereo away now!

Guess what, though, it now stalls!

I think it is due to BOV being maladjusted, 'cos it only stalls just after positive boost pressure. This must be due to either airflow sensor being confused, or just a lack of induced air once BOV has released, 'cos there was an overrun ignition (bang) and she died. Generally, if I keep the throttle on slightly, when dipping the clutch, she reduces revs normally and idles OK.

Does anyone know which way the adjusting screw works on the BOV? 'Cos I can't fathom Japanese. I presume the bellows contract on clockwise pressure, expand on anti-clockwise, therefore, higher air pressure to operate on contraction, lower on expansion!

At present, the BOV releases on vacuum pressure(about 15mm and above). I presume the valve needs compressing to only actuate on positive pressure?

Any advice?

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I had the same problem, as soon as i fitted the sqv the revs dropped to 200 after a thrashing and amp; coming to a stop.then raised back up to normal after nearly stalling.
apparently the evo does not like the hks bov!
I have fitted a electronic idle stabiliser today and amp; problems cured.(£95 |PLS| fitting|PLS|vat)

The only problem I have now is the central locking wont work!!

Be careful who you get to fit the kit.
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