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hi people after some advice

got a nice std tme that i've now decided to keep as its just too nice to part with

but i'm in need of making it a bit quicker!!!

so where do i go first???

i was thinking of a full exhaust system from turbo back (but most seem to be smaller than the std 2.5")

uprated arp bolts (are these REALLY needed????)

fuel pump (DUH)

air filter

and i guess a re-map to make it all work nice! the ecutek remap looks good value - but i guess its like everything - its only as good as the guy/gal who map's it
what kind of price am i looking at for this amount of work?

oh and i think i should get the car fully tracked up too!!! it has a habit of going where it wants to at the mo!!!

i've seen companies prices for just the tuning bit vary from 1k to 2k and i know you get what u pay for - but i'm a tight arse! and the evo isn't really my main car for spending money on

so advice please people



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Depends what BHP you are aiming for, the bolts should be OK upto about 350ish.

The Blitz Nur spes R is a really nice exhaust but if you want something a little quiter the the HKS Hi Power silent.

Walbro Pump is good

Air Filter Maybe

And then the ECU mapping is upto you but there is so much choice. Just make sure what you get is cappale of the max you would want to do.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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