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I had to phone Ralliart UK up anyway to ask about my Reg Document....

Anyway I asked about doing a few mods to get me started, I was told £3000 (or was it £3500) for stage 1 and that they (ralliart uk) would take the hit on the warranty, I take this to mean that I would get a new warranty as my current warrenty is from CCC, or I could go for seperate mods, exhaust, airflow induction etc that wouldn't have any effect on the CCC warranty, if that's the case what else can I do without effecting the CCC warranty?

We've seen in a few of the last threads Ralliart UK get a bit of a bashing for price and quallity of work etc, if this is the case, where else could I go to get the work done that I can trust and at a better price?


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Ralliart are terrible, last time I went to have a service I found two spanners inside my passenger side wing.
Not Sure who to recommend for HKS Exhuast and Air filter, but they are good purchases. Warranty I found was a waste of time.
Stage 1 boost increase is a joke as well, simply a actuator/restrictor mod, I had it done.

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I have had no probs whatsoever with Ralliart, they seem to know their stuff. I have the Stage 1 conversion with decat and currently get 1.5bar boost and am extremely happy with the car.

Had 3 services at Ralliart, excellent each time. They found the cause of a knocking at the rear straight away that 2 independant specialists and 1 Mitsubishi dealer failed to locate.

Personally I would recommend them!

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I hear more bad than good news on Ralliart , things like freebe tools , WD40 cans etc left under the bonnet , marks on paintwork , work not completed on collection , simple service items not correct etc.
Value for money on performance upgrades is not good for definate.
I am based within 15 mins of Ralliart and cud fit yr exhaust , induction kit ,big end bolts
wotever etc at reasonable prices , and u wud not find more careful attention anywhere.
My philosophy is that Evo's and their owners deserve the best at a fair price

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Stage 1 is a rip-off. CCC strictly speaking do not allow ANY modifications to the car, or the warranty is void. So, that includes a stereo! I had the same argument with Ralliart. From a performance point of view, if you are up to it, you could change the exhaust/air filter your self. That will take you over 300bhp, and possibly as high as 320bhp (varies from car to car). Stage 1 doesn't give you the gains Ralliart says - I know, I had it and rollered it. I got 321bhp and 290lb/ft and that was with a de-cat pipe - RAlliart claim 330bhp and 310lb/ft, which is obviously not true. I personally use Power Engineering, who have been excellent, but as you will see on this board, everyone has their pet tuner, and some are very passionate about it! You can do a reasonable amount yourself though. If you stick to exhaust and air filter, and maybe undetectable mods such as the Power Engineering ECU reprogramming, then it is easy to reverse this in a disaster situation. Someone has just bought my HKS exhaust to fit on their EVO, and spoke to CCC who said no problem - they would honour the warranty, other than the bits affected (i.e, the engine!)
What result are you after from your car?

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Thanks for the responses guys, it seems that Ralliart all in all have a bit of a bad rap.


Thanks for the offer I like your philosophy border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > , is this what you do for a living or are you just in the know from being an owner?


yes I think I could easily manage the exhaust and air filter myself, the message I got from Ralliart is that the warranty would still stand in full but would not cover the new parts i.e. the exhaust and air filter, fair enough I thought but are you saying that it will also effect the engine too? seems a bit of a waste having the warranty if that's the case.

What am I after, just a little more power to get me started down the Mod track, but something that won't effect the Warranty, then when it runs out I'll do something a little more serious [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >


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Get an exhaust, de-cat pipe, air filter and the Power Engineering ECU high power program. The PE ECU upgrade is undetectable, and the rest can be bolted on/off. I had a similair setup to this, and realised 330 bhp. With adjustable boost, you can get 360bhp realiably.

The air filter is really optional - in your case, probably easier not to bother.
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