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Hi there,

In the process of trying to find a nice evo 8 to buy, only going to keep for around a year so would prefer modded one rather than standard unless it was a good car for good money, i have £11500 max to spend and no real preference in colour.

Was just wondered what bad bits to look out for when buying one and what good bits there are?

I know they need servicing every 4-5k, and clutches are prone to go but other than that im clueless!

Any help or guidence would be appreciated


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Apart from the standard dump valve possibly giving you stalling issues, and the AYC pump being fairly unreliable (which is true for all evos) the VIII+ is fairly reliable, no common issues. Download the buyer's guide and have a read.

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Welcome along mate,look up stallion on hear I know a bit ot of your budget but if your looking for a 8 he has a super clean 8 Mr hard to find in this condition won't cost you thousands in the future as car has been well loved worth digging a bit deeper cheaper in long run:smthumbup
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