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Really missed the cut and thrust of the forum this week , hope that doesn't happen again.
Didn't actually read the offending posts , so can only imagine the content.
Also have 2 admit I had never read the terms and conditions , I assumed that a common sense approach 2 post content wud b ok. When I did read them after the forum suspension I was a little surprised. So I apologise 4 any percieved infractions committed in my posts , please accept that I never intend 2 cause any offence 2 individuals , or make any false allogations towards companies.

Please feel free 2 take me 2 task if u disagree or feel my future posts r unfounded , I can take it , I'm a big boy u know :)

Thanku 2 the MLR team , I truly appreciate the efforts expeneded by u all 2 make this club and forum wot it is and will b in the future.

Anyway , my new PC is totally outstanding , the time saved on web browsing and posting this site is incredible , thanks 2 every1 who sent me hints and tips.
Building it and setting up was almost easy , only a few problems with installing graphics and modem were encountered , learned a huge amount about PC's and stuff:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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