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I hope that these last few mods should finish me off, and that i will be happy to leave the car as it is once im done, my fuel pressure regulator is being fitted this week a long with a diff and ayc oil change, also my RA ECU will go on aswell, should i go to a rolling road and have my fuelling checked and setup to run higher boost, i think ill have the 4 settings on my blitz boost controller set as
1. 0.8 bar
2. 1.1 bar
3. 1.4 bar
4. 1.5 bar
where is the best place around essex to get this checked out i no of engine advantages in witam and power engineering in uxbridge, how much should this cost and what will they do? What kind of BHP should i beable to reach and is this kind of boost level ok on the standard internals?

Thanks for your help

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