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Finally Started My Uk TME Underbody Restoration.

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After viewing several impressive restoration projects on the MLR recently Ive finally plucked up the courage to start mine !

The plan being a complete underbody restoration, down to bare metal, rustbullet, paint (red, black and white) various parts to be blasted and powder coated, new bolts, bushes and other new bits as needed !!

Managed to bag myself a Bradbury 4 post lift from my mechanic friend who was upgrading to scissor lifts. Should make the whole job easier ! Had to buy and fit an inverter to convert to 3phase but with a lot of help from Sean a fellow Red Mak owner this was soon sorted !

Progress is going to be steady due to work and family commitments , and the fact I want it damn near perfect !

I will post the updates as and when they happen , a few photos below show this afternoons progress. A few parts removed and half a tank of super unleaded drained !

To be honest I was really worried about what may lay beneath - considering its a uk car ! Yes there are areas of surface rust underneath the underseal but the floor pan and sills look pretty decent considering . Hopefully will be getting down to some serious underseal and rust removal soon :smthumbup


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What are you planning to put on the underside ? Paint or rust bullet ?
I'll have to have a look at the rust bullet range, what products will you be using or is it just "rust bullet" and that's the only one ?
Once it's painted red will you just leave it as paint ?
Also how high is the roof in your garage ? Not on topic I know but I'm looking at rebuilding mine soon and want a ramp
Did you find much rust hidden underneath ? Or just what's pictured above
Looks good, has anyone found anything like this that can be painted on the underside of the car and let then hosed of to do similar instead of using a grinder ?

I can higly recommend Brantho Korrux 3-1, i personally think this is the best available product on the market that you can apply yourself.

This is a rust converter/primer/finishing layer with color all in one, with many RAL colors to choose from.

The biggest benefit of this, that it is not prone to cracking like other paints when it gets some age to it :smthumbup

I restored a 2cv with this stuff (which are notorious for rusting) and even after 6 years sitting outside, it's still like new,

just google it you won't find any bad review.

As for cleaning rusty suspension parts and bolts, instead of sand blasting get yourself Deox-C from bilt hamber, that's absolutly magic in stripping rust from crispy rusty parts without any effort.

this is what a part looks like that has been in a deox-c solution for 24 hours, and just rinsed off with water so no scrubbing with metal brush is needed


after :

I'm also in the process of doing a complete underbody restoration and i researched many weeks/months before choosing products.

this is mine after 1 hour of angle grinding with a wirebrush

1 - 5 of 354 Posts