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finally.... pics of tully-o's (wip) EVO7 french blue

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Ok so being bored and not much new pics on here to look at, thought id share a few of mine.
Since my MR was written off sept last year, i bought this replacement as tbh i fell in love with it at first sight :lol:
Allways fancied a high power one so bit the bullet and took the plunge.

Now the car needed a little TLC cosmetic wise, especially being a ocd kinda guy lol, swirls,chips,horrible cond lights (front and back) grotty wheels, etc etc. The list could go on and on in the eyes of a fettler lol.
So the main selling point was the solid chasis with nooo rot to rear rails etc, freshly built 2.3 MG auto's stroker engine and the nice power she's running.
So with under the bonnet generally being the dearest part to achieve i figured it would leave a tad to refresh it to former glory.

Now a couple folk thought i was a little mad going as far as i did with it, but if its worth doing, its worth doing right :smthumbup

First up..... Full respray:eek:

Comments welcome and lots more to come as im nearing the end now


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Looking great Craig, should have re-sprayed it DKR:crackup:
You coming to time attack at Croft next Sunday?
nice washing:crackup: are you coming to the time attack next sunday?
Wherve u been dave? I answered that earlier :crackup:
if it was after 6pm, drunk:crackup:
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Stunning as usual Craig:smthumbup
Thanks dave.:)
Looking forward to the meet on the 20th for a run out and catchup :smthumbup
I'll be coming down with Spen in his GTR:D
1 - 6 of 192 Posts