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Fault Code 41 + engine management light flashing rapid

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just checked codes for a faulty tps but the engine management light was constantly flashing also when reading out the error codes?

is this suppose to do that when reading them out? or is it letting me know there is a injector issue? the 41 flashed on the AYC light and the engine light just keep flashing.


edit: cars a evo 5
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why ignore it?

car wont start when it does start if you hold the throttle a little to stop it from cutting out the revs increase every 2 seconds then drop then increase again without touching the throttle anymore just holding it constant.

going to try swapping the tps tomorrow got too dark to get the one off the evo 4 out the back

car gets a spark, is fueling, fuel pump is fine, coil packs where swapped today and where fine also
d/c battery for 20 minutes cleared the fault code, but still the same problem now, seems to be no fuel coming down the lines at the moment.

going to swap over a fuel pump and take it from there anyone any other suggestions, no more error codes being flung out
what is your probelm?? i thought you just had an engine managment light on
nah the problem is when i press the accelerator down just a little bit for like normal cruising nothing happens for a few seconds then it accelerates for a few seconds and then stops for a few, then goes, then stops, if i push the accelerator to the floor or past where it was causing this kangaroo effect it would let me drive through it.

this happened for 1 day then it just cut out completly and wont start and was throwing out the tps error, we have checked all of the above as mentioned, but my mechanic just checked the fuel lines again and said there was no fuel coming down it, although we could hear the fuel pump making a noise when we switched the car off, there didnt seem to be one when switching it on.

cheers technoprisoners

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1 - 4 of 10 Posts