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I have read loads of threads, but nothing conclusive that really helps me. I have just got myself a 7 with Apexi, K&N intake, BOV which could all contribute towards high or idle issues in general.

When cold it tends to idle really high at 2.5K, although sometimes if I am lucky it will start high and within seconds slowly drop to a normal level. But if I touch the throttle if provokes it to idle high, and then stay high until warm.

9 times out of 10 it just idles high in the first instance as soon as I start the car when stone cold, and then the idle drops to normal levels fairly quickly once the water temp get to about 40deg/s or above.

When the car is warm is perfectly fine, its purely cold start.

This can't be normal, and fairly sure the cold idle is not controlled by the apexi, and therefore leaves me to conclude if it could be a ISC or even possibly the MAF sensor, or another temperature sensor ?

Can the ISCV just be cleaned up on a 7 ?.
Anyone experienced the same problem and successfully fixed it and if so how ?

Thanks in advance,
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