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Now that I have had my car for a while, I am beginning to explore some of its capabilities and am interested in others experiences in driving fast on the road. I am not talking about keeping a look out for the old bill, but what cornering techniques have worked well.

Here is what I have been trying but am still not sure about. Going into a corner (BTW this is mainly the slower ones), I am looking to trail brake as best I can, coming off the brake only fully after turn in. That is when the problem starts. In most corners even if you boot the accelarator immediately, lag means that you cannot get the power down fast enough. So, I have begun to look at left foot braking, great if you get it right! How do you get in and out of corners fast?

A secondary question is that if you are left foot braking and trying to keep your foot on the accelerator at the same time, for it to stay on boost is the clutch slipping or is something else happening? Am I developing a fast driving technique at the expense of my car?

I am sure that I am no where near as quick as some of you, so share your secrets of fast a-b driving.

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I had a little experience in left foot braking a few years ago and can say that yes it does work with no real strain on the car.:)
It takes alot of practice to get it right.
The other main problem i find is that when using it the driver following may start to worry when he see,s ur rear brake lights
come on mid cornner :(.
Left foot braking can do many things,What are you mainly trying to use left foot braking for.?
Keep up the practice as a rally driver said to me that he has been using left foot braking for 12 years and was still learning about it,but he was using it
for many other reasons.:)

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Simon M8,brake early,accelerate early,AYC will get you round.Practice on roundabouts anticipate the lag.

2wd slow in fast out,4wd fast in fast out just keep it smooth.It took me a while to change my technique ,on country lanes I now hardly touch the brakes ,Keep it in third or fourth and just control the car with the accelerator ,using the off boost and torque characteristics of the car.Takes a while to get the confidence but well worth it.

Regards Barry:)

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If you really want to learn how to left foot brake go on one of Pentti's advanced driving days. I think he still does them. My brother in law did one a few years back and said he learned more in that day than on any other driving event. A great laugh too by all accounts.

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Couldn't agree more with Wuzuptommi!
At Donnington a couple of weeks ago I span my VI twice when the back end broke away and couldn't get the power down quick enough. Too used to the solid back end of my scooby.
Then I learnt to be smoother into the corners and get the power down as I was turning in. Sorted from then on!
I'm sure it didn't help the fact I had SO2's on the front and SO1's on the rear, but hey, I was learning.

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