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Here's the plan:

1pm - Meet at South Mimms Services (J23 M25) and promptly make our way down to Boxhill, Surrey for 2pm.

2pm - Meet all the rest at Boxhill, inc Justin Foden and John Branigan from the Supra club. Spend a bit of time down there and.......

4pm - Leave to convoy over to Bluewater shopping centre for another meeting with the rest of the Supra club and then into the cinema to watch The Fast and the Furious which starts around 5.30pm.

Should be an interesting day out, myself, AndyRSX and a few others will end up doing a complete loop of the M25 by the time we get back home !!!!!

If anyone is concerned about leaving their car unattended in the Bluewater car park don't worry, the Supra boys have organised for people to watch over the cars while we're in the cinema....Top result !

If anyone is planning to come to South Mimms on Sunday for 1pm, please email on [email protected] at least we can wait if anyone is running a bit late.

Hope to see you there.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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