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Water Spray Control Unit

As we all know the Evo6 has a manual Water Spray Switch next to the hand brake.
But who knows when to use it and for how long?
The time you really need to use it your to busy watching the road/track/rev counter and changing gear!
We (at Power Engineering) wanted to make this system automatic.
We will shortly be offering a very clever and intelligent control unit that will do it all for you...
It should be available early spring, just in time for the summer ( we don't have! ).
The control unit monitor's Airflow and Charge Air Temperature and works out when to operate and for how long.
It also has a low level reservoir indicator and carries out a system's check's on every start-up( including a fault code read out if the system has found a problem ).

The next project were looking hard at is .....
We have found evidence of an anti-lag strategy in the code of the standard ECU.
However it will require a lot of testing (more overtime) and we are not sure if it was ever intended for use.

We are continually trying to improve our Evo.
If you think we could help you with yours let us know.
My first post so be gentle with me....


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Hello again mervyn, like the sound of the auto water spray gadget (so that is what that switch is for) do you think I could get one installed on my 6 when it comes in for the other work mid march?, any clues as to how much it will cost?, will it be available for D.I.Y fitment for the handy folk among us?, let us know - jeff

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Good to see you are continuing to look at ways of improving the EVO.

I hope to be visiting soon to have the chip re-mapping and also to purchase various other bits.

Some of the threads on this board have suggested that there are problems in dealing with PE. I am not sure why and from my research thus far into performance tuning, you appear to be the only ones doing it right, that is, without compromise.

Keep up the good work and its nice to know you listen to the ramblings of EVO owners, even if some of them are very opinionated.

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I assume that the inlet charge temperature your additional sensor measures are post-intercooler. Is that correct? If so, are you are seeing a significant difference in the inlet charge temperature when the waterspray is operational?
Also, what effect does the outside ambient temperature have on the inlet charge temperature? Eg. Between a 10 degree day and a 40 degree day?
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