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If you know Bristol you can picture this......

Up the hambrook slip road on to the M32 @ 80 mph. Pull out in front of a 355 GTS ( in red of course) . He indicates out.... nothing in front... i reach for my HKS EVC IV - high boost 1.2 bar and were off, aproaching 140 and there is trafic, we are neck and neck, i let him pass, as the car infornt moves over i think F*** it overboost 1.4bar 10 seconds @ 80 I drop to forth, you can imagine his suprisa as i lurch level with him, round a wet long left, in and out of cars. At the end of the M32 lights. He boots it..... although he thinks he does. level pullaway then im 1 car in front after 3hird gear..... he he he. next set of lights, windows goes down..... not bad mate ( young guy) what is it? ; evo one i reply. ;
nice, how much power ;
Taking the #### i reply 190 bhp :)
oh he says
How much did yours cost?2 I said
50 geees he replies
Oh mine was only five.... and drove off......

This happened Crimbo eve at 13:30 ish.... just goes to show.....

And yes i do realise if we had got above 140 he would have KILLED me!!!!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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