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Firstly lets establish the facts.

1- An insuer only knows what you tell them.

2- The average engineer who inspects your vehicle is a ******. Take the parts off causing the problem, if he he can't see them he in is none the wiser

3- If you insist on lying and you do not have a good memory you are ####ed.
(People always get a bout of guilt for not first admititing the truth when it comes to a claim)

4 - Claudious - If you hit someone and you are a lair your insurer has to pay even if you say you had a
for fiesta and you actually had a maclaren F1. They are the insurer and they are in it up to their neck for the damage to the third party, you on the other hand get nothing.

5 - Poor insurance companies. Come and work in my office for one week. we only have one person to blame
no win no fee Legal ####ers. WE ARE ALL PAYING FOR THIS. If I fart in my car a passenger can sue me
for air pollution invasion and get £3000. Yes thats three times your average evo 6 premium.

6- The average motor insurance premium is £500.00. The average fine for having no insurance is £180
thus three fines and I am just out of pocket. Rocket science anyone ???

Andy - Insurance Broker - 17 years - ####ed offf needs to be a £50K per year postman
£2,000,000 Claims budget - (Easy)

P and amp;gt;S Feel are getting stiffed with a genuine problem and I may give you some advice

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It is not illegal to have a de-CAT. It is only illegal if you have a de-CAT AND it fails the emissions test. This is from the AA who were campaigning against the new road side emissions testing for cars. They got the government to change the instant fines if illegal to 7 days to put it right however if you are obviously trying to get round the law with a de-CAT and it fails then they won't be so lenient.
The AA even say it would be benefitial to remove the the CAT from some Jap grey import cars ('91-'94) to gain performance as they will pass emissions easily with the CAT removed.
Whether the Evo's will pass an emissions test with the CAT removed is another matter ..... I doubt it! Anyone tried?

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Sadly I've never read this thread before. Anyway, I'll try and make up lost time.
I don't give a fück if anyone feels offended: I think car insurers should be shot. Unlike health insurance people who deserve to be tortured to death with a drill, car insurers are not as bad and should be put down with a quick shot to the neck.
When something happens all the promises are gone, legal issues are the only subject and you end up doing all the work for them cause they try to drag it out for as long as possible. If you haven't seen or heard Chris Rock's rant about insurance, or incaseshit as he calls it, listen to it. And another quote from a stand-up comedian, this time Bill Hicks, insurance people are all sucking on the devil's díck !!!

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Thanks for a ray of sense in this onslaught, I think I may have hit a nerve with some people :D

So _has_ anyone passed an emissions test with a decat?


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I wasnt aware of the fact that you liked car insurance people so much better! :D

What I have found out is that threatening them with loss of life or torture in case they dont want to pay actually works! :D

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Out of curiosity I'll have my car emissions checked and post the result , I anticipate a pass , they only check it a idle anyway.
Thing I find amusing is that we pay the high rate of RFL and don't get any dispensation on emissions.
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