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I have warped 3 sets of discs on my evo5 in less than 6000 miles and
im totally sick to death with these f*cking brakes !!!!!!!!!

Should I junk the front brembo setup in favour of AP 6pots at £1547|PLS|vat
or is there any other decent (err cheaper) options ?


Justin Foden

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It all depends what you are looking for. If you want better braking performance, then go for the AP's. If all you want is a set that doesn't warp, then it might be worth looking at the Godspeed discs. They come with a 1 year guarantee and there was a post some time ago recommending them. My brother has fitted them to his Scooby recently and still stops! (he is very pleased with them)

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What brake pads did you use?

this is the cheapest solution

go to

Order group n discs for an evo 5, 6 and 7 they are all the same i paid 254 euro for the discs
Then order a pair of small face pads (groupn) from ferodo typ nr. FRP 3028 in DS 2500 compound road/circuit use

it goes ok so far

you can order the pads from the same company

and godspeed is also an solution but costs 450 pounds ex postal costs


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