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Truth time fella`s
I had every intention of going to Oulton Park on Wednesday with the sole aim of watching these two cars to see if i could make my mind up as to which is the quicker. Is there a quicker one of the two ?, or are they about the same ? Is one better than the other ? Circumstance`s meant i could`nt go . Also if Wazzuptommi reads this how do you rate your car against these two as i have a red TME and am thinking of the R.C. STAGE TWO CONV. I know this is a bit difficult to answer as they go about it their different way`s , but your comments are valued. Regards SIMON.

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They looked neck and neck going past the pitlane to me......

The RC car didn't seem to idle too well - not sure if it had a minor problem or glitch there though....

Guess it comes down to cost.....and reliability of course.

I would assume it's a lot cheaper to go the RC way? Not entirely sure.

I'd guess you would be happy with both though :)

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Simon,I have the Stage 2 and I am very happy with it,Stage 2 will not give you the performance of the Ralliart Extreme S,or the RC 380 car,so therefore my car is not comparable with them.I cant comment on if one is better than the other to drive if that is what you mean,because I have driven neither.

On the day at Oulton Park it appeared on the track that the RC Car was quicker than the Extreme S,but that is really not relevant to you deciding whether to go Stage 2 or not.To be comparable with the RC Car you would need to go to Stage 3.If you want to go to stage 3 then drive the RC Car,and arrange a demo drive with the Ralliart car look at the costs,and the performance and decide for yourself which car would suit you best.It really is the only way to decide.I chose Rc I like there tuning philosophy,and I trust there work,but that is only my personal view,and I arrived there through doing my own research may I suggest you do the same its safer.If you wish to drive my car then I will be happy to set something up.

Regards Barry:)

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I thought that the RC car was def faster down the straight and the fact that it caught up to both the PE car and Ralliart cars and overtook them both during the day seem proof enough to me.

The RC car is more heavily modded in the NA area than the other two which is why the idle may sound strange.....
It has high profile cams and adjustable cam pulleys which advances the ignition which makes the car hunt on idle.

I asked Clive what the rattling noise was and he told me that it had a competition HKS clutch which has to plates with 3 paddles on each. The noise I think is the 12 plates rattling with each other ???
I have heard similar sounds coming from the WRC cars when I went to the Network q rally so I guess that the items must be the real deal ?


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Sorry.... I posted 2 errors... Now corrected below

I asked Clive what the rattling noise was and he told me that it had a competition HKS clutch which has two clutch plates with 3 paddles on each. The noise I think is the two plates rattling with each other ???

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Ok, I'd just like to make a few points about this long winded wrangling over what happened at this trackday. If there are any truthful, just and correct, NOT excuses or whinging replies to my comments I would gladly read them:

1) If the GT2 was the quickest car of the day then why did the RC Demo car pass it twice?
2) If the Ralliart car was the fastest of the day then why did the RC cars, yes, 'cars', pass it?
3) Was ANYONE else actually making note of how many cars the RC demo went past per lap?
4) Why after 2 weeks of hype and pressure to turn up and produce the best car, finally turn up after a 3 hour drive with your car on a trailer with around 8 people (nice jackets lads) and then end up problem solving all day under the bonnet, finally turning round to say that you were 'just testing'. Surely anyone coming to such a day would spend time ensuring the best from their car before turning up or are there reliability problems?
5) The RC demo car has driven to and from many track days in the past year and never suffered any problems AT ALL.
6) Will anyone openly admit whilst standing on the pit wall, to saying that any other car than the RC demo was faster, more impressive and healthier sounding as it skittered round the final corner and down the start/finish straight? Everyones response within my sight and hearing could be summed up as 'ooh f*** thats quick'
7) In regard to driving techniques, a silver 5 has been mentioned (RC decal in rear window perhaps?), the driver has admitted his mistake resulting in a spin...fine, yet this relatively inexperienced driver compared to certain 'professionally' driven cars got back on the track, then preceeded to catch and pass said 'professionally' driven cars within 1 lap, thats '1' lap.
8) The warrender 7 and associated tuning package is surely comparable to the ralliart extreme, yet spent a large number of laps sat directly behind the extreme 's' with no trouble whatsoever.

Again, if anyone knows these comments to be untrue then feel free to comment yourselves, but NO excuses OR whinging please ladies.

On a personal note, I was expecting more from certain cars, shame all not going so well for some, looking forward to seeing all these cars again, hopefully with the reliability problems sorted. Just shows you can chuck a lot of money at a car but it has to be right. the phrase power is nothing without reliability comes to mind, well, as this day showed, RC can produce both.

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Thank`s for the reply and the offer, if by the time Oulton comes round again and i have`nt made a decision it would be great to take you up on it. Much appreciated.

Just say it like you saw it mate. I like that. Thanks for the reply.
Regards SIMON.

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RC's cars may be quick but their intrnet connection obviously isn't. I requested a quote from them and PE about 2 weeks ago, have had the full quote form PE, but haven't heard a peep from RC.

Just guess they dont want my cash!!!

Anyhow RC and PE can do the same work for you, so I would ask them both for info on what they can do at your price level and see what they say. It may come down to who you get on better with!!!
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