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i need your help, i get thing loud bang (explosion) on my tailpipe when my rev reaches 7000 rpm at 1.0 bar of boost.
i leave in the Philippines (which is very hot), how do i remedy this?

some advised me to retard timing, i retarded the timing to 8 degrees already.

engine is a 2nd gen 4G63T from a galant vr4.

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Most guys here spend half their life trying to achieve this! Be proud and use it to scare old ladies :)

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I live in Manila too. 1.0 bar on a 2G 4G63T sounds above stock. I run my Evo at 1.1 bar currently (pending getting new ECU), but I have a VR4 (2G too) in my Galant GTi with boost peak at 0.8 bar. It dyno'd at Autoplus at 180BHP, so estimated 220BHP crank.

If you have a boost controller, try dialling it down. What car do you have the engine in? What exhaust?

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we've met before, its the blue 92 lancer gti.
i didn't have this problem before when the timing is at 10 degrees,
i've retarded it to 8, but know after earthing my engine and changing
capacitors on my ecu, i get this.

hmmm, capacitors maybe?

are you getting this also?
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