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exhaust swap question

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hi fellas
i have got an evo 6.its got an ecutek fitted,not sure(yet)about fuel pump,blitz filter.
i have just fitted a full(including downpipe and decat pipe)magnex ehxaust system which has made a hell of a difference.

its running 20psi boost and seems really happy.

next on shopping list is a apexi avcr boost controller and fuel pump if req.
will it need to be remapped?
is there anything else worth fitting.its got an ap clutch and fidanza flywheel.

never thought i would say this but i cant see me ever buying another cossie for myself to keep(i deal in them) again after owning this 6
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I suppose the next thing to look at is changing you cams ;) then get a re-map
I`d fit some brakes if i was you :D :D

I came from cossies aswell ( NEVER AGAIN) :crackup: :crackup:
Got some xp8 waiting to fit em, supposed to be really good with the standard brembo albeit with with good fluid, more power , more stopping power :)

Never even been in a cossie, they were the car as a kid, why not :confused:
nippy hippy said:
I suppose the next thing to look at is changing you cams ;) then get a re-map
i know pete,ive had some mint cossies/rs cars come through the garage recently-a mint mallard escos,and the best white 3 door ive seen in ages.ive got a 57000 mile escort rs2000 mk2 in at mo.

as nice as they are,they are just not useable nowadays.i could have kept either the escos or the 3 door but wouldnt have had as much fun as in the evo-even my 500+bhp rs500 wasnt as much fun as this-quicker in a straight line but not as good complete package.....
the only cossie i would have as a useable one would be a big power sapphire cos-400+bhp...not in same class as evo 6.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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