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I have volunteered (doh!) to produce a list of parts/servicing data for inclusion on this site for all Lancer Turbos/Evo's.
Could anybody who has fitted after market exhaust items (manifold/down pipe/decat pipe/sports CAT/back box/full systems etc.) please send me the following details so we can all share in the knowledge!

Information required on your exhaust items:
Car model
Make, Item Description and amp; Specification (e.g. Magnex full system (from turbo back))
Part Number
Supplier and amp; Price
How you rate the item out of 5 (1 terrible, 5 excellent)
Any comments, good or bad or any items to note about fitting, any provable performance gains etc.

If you have a hybrid exhaust system then please list all the parts seperately but say at the end that they are used on one car.
Please don't think that if you have used an item and it was rubbish that its not worth mentioning.
In fact it is probably more important that the bad products are listed to make sure no one else wastes their money on them.

Please send your responses to [email protected] or ICQ me or post on this thread.

Please lend your support to this so we end up with a good resource on this site for anybody to refer to.


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Re:Exhaust Info.

On my EVO V RS I've got a full stainless steel SUPERSPRINT exhaust system.

-DOWNPIPE 791101 stainless steel 70mm
-DE-CAT PIPE 791102 normal steel looks like a little silencer 70mm
-MID PIPE 791113 stainless steel 70mm
-REAR MUFFLER 791144 stainless steel 70mm tail 120mm

The exhaust is tuv approved except for the de-cat.

I had the cat back system on the car when I bought it and it was a very good compromise.
Then I get the downpipe and decat pipe and I've tryied many combinations.

Full supersprint. Good power increase but at higher rpm.Less torque and at higher rpm.
probably better if fitted with other mods as ecu upgrade.

Std downpipe,supersprint. You can feel the difference with the previous at higher rpm,but
You ve got more mid range power.

Supersprint full exhaust with standard cat.Is the combination I have actually.
Just a little low rpm turbo lag but good power from mid range to top.

As the de cat pipe is not stainless steel it makes some noise when cooling down,something like when a sports motorcicle is stopped after a hard drive. TINK ..... TINK border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

This exhaust can be very annoying if it's not perfectly fitted,when really hot It can start to vibrate and touch te rear anti roll bar.
Especially when it's raining if some water goes on it.But if it's fitted proprely no problem.

It's not a really noisy exhaust.

Price for the downpipe and de cat pipe is about £400 and It shoul be around £450 for the cat back. NOTE 3
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