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My old lancer needs a new alternator, but I'm here in Germany and my car is in the UK. I'm coming back just for for a few days and would like to get it fixed. Does anybody have a good alternator for sale (for an 1981 EX2000) or alternatively it would help if anybody could be good enough to send me enough details of the maker / type / part No, so I can do some phoning around before I return (I tried a few dealers but got silly prices and usual story of needing to ship from Japan).

Other bits I would be interested in are :-
Wheels / tyres ---- something other than the standard that fit in with the style. Don't want anything that needs body mod's.
Springs --- either a full set of lowered items or a standard height set of fronts - mine are standard and have suffered the common problem of snapping just before the bottom.

I'll be driving up through UK from Kent to Lancashire so anything I can pick up on route would be good.
many thanks - Blenko.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts