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Some times ,and I say sometimes I have to remind myself what EVOness is all about.
I had a good thrash around Snett on sunday ,but its not untill you hit the general roads that it all comes flooding back.
Track days get you to a limit that you cannot achieve on the road ,with out a tree or obsticle that presents a problem when driving fast.
I go out at night ,when the traffic is tucked up in bed and all that remains is the wild life to contend with.
Tonight has been what I promised myself after a boring day at work A SESSION ON !
I don't mean after a few pints take the car out ,but a Session that will thrill me to the extent of making my heart pound and my palms sweat.
did about 30 miles tonight ,part motor way part general A roads and then the B road ,back lane ,slipery ,muddy farmers been out type of roads .Wing mirrors tucked in ,flip the drivers mirror to night ,and just go for it.who gives a flying fk what behind.
For those that came on the meet a little while ago the country roads are pretty good around these parts.
But I took the lanes ,twisty bliters ,front end loosing types when you can't see the bends coming up.
What happens ?I run over another fking domestic animal.Now I am a animal lover and at 10 pm I did my duty to knock on the local house doors to find out whos beloved animal it was .I will give it a name as it was called Charlie.
The poor woman was in tears and her husband comforted her I was gutted ,and i expalined that I had found it in the middle of the road and felt I should do my duty and find the owners ,as I have had many cats run over by various motorised vehicles.
I felt guilty on the way home having told a large porky and removed the debris from my front end .
Why is it that animals don't hear a fast moving vehicle when the night is silent ,and they have to run out front of me when there are 100 acres of bloody field to lolop in .
This is my 3rd cat death , one side swipe of a dog and a bolting of a horse rider.3
Evo's are not animal friendly.

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Shorty, I find Bunny rabbits my main enemy. They run out in front of me, stop, look around and just sit there staring :( I would run like the hammers but bunnys dont have the sense so i just squash them.

Swerving out of the way would be dangerous so I think a dead bunny is a small price to pay compared to a wrote off Evo and a few weeks in hospital.

I have never hit a dog or a cat but i imagine they would destroy your front bumper and probably your intercooler?? Not cheap.

My mate once hit a cow in the middle of a country road and was lucky to survive after spending weeks on a life support machine.

As much fun as it is to race down country roads I strongly advise against it as you never know whats around the corner. At least on a track you do.

BTW, I have updated a stack of funny movies to my website, including the infamous one where Josh Vestappen gets sprayed in fuel and the car goes up in flames!! WOW, it still amazes me to watch it now.

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I have seemed to have a flurry of bird strikes this year , including a partridge, a wood pigeon and a small finch.
They all flew out at the last moment and got slammed against the intercooler grill at high speed ( I aint saying how fast ;) )
Luckily birds are of low mass and so don't do too much damage even at high speed ( God rest their souls ! ). My fear is hitting something like a
little munkjack deer or larger. This would probably cave in all the intercooler, air-con rad and main rad, a hefty sum to shell out.

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Jon44/Mr mime.

Fortunately I have been lucky with out damaging any thing,as they seem either to hit the wheels or just shoot under the car,never hit one head on .
The door of my car reads like a world war 2 spitfire pilots successes.
Wonder if BULL BARS can be fitted?:)
I have knocked a sheep over with my van ,but that was in the braking speed.That one just rolled over like a barrel and got up and ran away.
I may have to set up a sanctuary for injured animals soon .
Wonder if they include animals in the road death statistics.

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I enjoyed reading that... you have a very simple but very human way with words... very touching.

My most common gripe seems to be the good old pheasant.

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I don't care what the others say, you really are a good guy, despite the little lie. Even if you had been traveling at a slower speed, I bet you would still have hit it. By knocking at the door you probably did one of 2 things, prevented them from finding their cat run over or from ever having known what had happened. Both these have happened to me with cats and I would always rather know than not.

Well done mate!

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Locally the most prolific road kill r (in order of frequency) , pheasants , foxes , badgers , rabbits and cats , actually gets quite gross with all that organic matter splattered all over yr car .

My most bizzare incident was near the new forest , when a fawn which had been standing on a wide grass verge looking in my direction suddenly just bolted directly at me , straight in2 the side of my Harley's pannier. My speed at the time was about 50 ish , so it was very dead , but it almost had me off.
Strangely , it's mother was with it on the verge but wisely didn't follow , or was it a case of problem child being told 2 go and play with the traffic.................sorry.

Two M8's were travelling with me at the time and 1 of em , Rob , said u ok M8 ?
yes was my reply , thats ok then lets have a roast up and eat it , good grief I thought I was callous!

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This is the best one I have seen:

A mate was driving to work one day when a host of sparrows (yes, I looked it up!) took off and swooped in front of him. At least 3 of them hit his car and when we inspected it when he arrived at work, sure enough there was a hole in one of the 'whiskers'. Company car and all that so he wasn't that bothered.

It wasn't until topping the oil up later that week (a common enough occurence with that engine!) that he noticed that the little fella that had smashed the grill was still with us! Head first into the radiator, with his feet sticking straight out in best Tex Avery fashion, he would have literally roasted to death if the impact hadn't killed him!

It took a pair of pliers and some commited tugging to free the little bugger and he was cooked to perfection! Only thing was the radiator started leaking when we pulled him out :(

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Shorty mate, Ive seen Evo bullbars on the Safari Rally.

I think you should give Ralliart a ring and see how much for a set :D
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