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back to link to sort out why my boost solinoid had given up

actually the factory arrangement is not optimal, so will try a 3 port

will be getting a few software updates:

launch control
need to fit a switch to clutch (thats the weekend gone), pretty simple 2 rpm limits and the switch decides which one

will use it on the sprayer initially and then injection later

high range map sensor
useful to know what is going on when you get 2 bar low down

try first using egr valve with the anti lag program, link still claiming this will not work...although reckon i should get the odd bang which will impress the locals

might add an input from the speed sensor here and will lose the headers

not sure whether it will be this side of xmas due to various dramas on my part but will see



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keep us posted.

I agree on als using egr. Wind up the fuelling, fully retard timing at med/high engine speeds but no load, open egr and watch for the flames....
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