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Just returned from Torque Technique, Salisbury, UK (custom exhaust specialists) who have made me a Cat-pipe to replace the 5 kilos of excess baggage now residing in my loft! Mick of T/T inspected the standard back-box and commented that the internal baffles are obviously restricting the gas flow as there was a large area of bluing (overheating) in the centre of the silencer. T/T can provide a straight-through replacement box for under £200 inc VAT, in mild steel. Stainless would be more, but a lot cheaper than HKS etc. Overall, they seem to be very good price-wise and are knowledgeable- they supply custom systems for various tuning Co's.

They can be contacted on Tel: 01722 744747

Not sure I can feel any difference with just the cat-pipe changed (!) but the sound is subtely different in the car-so it must be worthwhile...Thinking about the back-box which may give me upto 20 bhp according to Mick.
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