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wen i rev the car and take my foot of the throttle i can hear a rattle coming from the manifold are any one had this problem
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Sounds like one of two things, one cheap and one expensive.

The cheapest, and most likely is just a loose heat shield. There's one over the manifold, and on my stock EVO 1 exhaust, about 3 surrounding various parts including the cat.

The expensive option would be the cat breaking up and rattling it's way out down the system.

From your desription, I think you can rule out the cat as you say the rattle is from the manifold area.


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Hey !
My Evo4 does ht e exact same thing.

It sounds like a tinkling sound right ?
Like a vibrating heat shield but I have removed all of my down pipe ones and its still there !

I also removed the top one (which goes rusty)
The only one I haven't removed is the one near the oxy sensor.

Does your car also give a little tinkle when you switch off too ?
If you find out what the cause is then please email me at....
[email protected]


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BTW: I have removed my cat so its not that either !

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