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I have posted my situation many times on various forums and here is an update on the plight of my EVO4.

I have run my E4 for 4000 miles on a nearly brand new E6 AYC diff and its started to make noises........Already !!!!

I have just returned home from a 60 mile round trip and the AYC is starting to squark VERY loudly now !

Only on sharp right hand 90 degree turns at speeds of less than 10 mph. If I turn around in the entrance of a road or do a right hand U-turn it squarks like crazy !!!!
I have contacted CCC today and spoke with the Ralliart technical man and he said that they were willing to help as much as they could but MMC is VERY slow and it could take some time.

I will be disconnecting my AYC tomorrow to avoid any more damage to my lovely new diff.

To add insult to injury, I spoke with a good friend who has run a Evo 6 for 30,000 with out changing the AYC fluid at all. He told me that he was waiting for the diff to get noisy before he spent money on an HKS replacement LSD. HE HAS NOT HEARD A THING FROM IT !!!!

This proves, in my mind, that all the E4 ECUs are bad as my car is apparently not affected as it was manufactured too early before the fault was evident. Hmmmm

B*****ks to that !


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What info do you have on your AYC diff.
1)Type of oil in diff and resovoir
2)How many miles before fitment
3)Who fitted diff and bleed system
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