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Hey there,

I have just bought an Evo3. Current mods are: a Ralliart GroupN Chip; Cold Air Box; 3 Stainless Exhaust.

Just wondering what options there are available, and whether there is much point on trying to get any more out of it. Currently it goes like hell.

Also how often should the diff and gearbox oils be changed on these cars?

Thanks for your help
(Ps I am down here in New Zealand)

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You might want to check if your down pipe has been upgraded, if not that would be a good place to start.
Go for a boost contorller, if the group N chip hasn't upped the boost. The HKS 264 cams will make a nice difference too.
Check out what the Mitsubishi Eclipse guys are doing in the U.S.A. for ideas on how to proceed.
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