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My Evo 2 RS needs the rear diff bearings replaced, I need a parts diagram and parts list so i can see what I need, mitsubishi can do it but I want to get an idea of how it goes together first. Have you got a copy you can email me?

Is it an easy job? Are special tools needed? Bearing pullers/presses etc?

The rear Diff mounting bushes are needed too so I'll need the parts diagram and list for this too.

Hopefully doing this will stop the whining. Its really noisy at 100mph

I was warned against the RS but its a hoot, amazing handling on 16" TE37's and track spec coilovers with a roll cage and chassis braces everywhere. A bit harsh on the 600 mile drive home after buying it though.

Just waiting for Gizzmo in NZ to get back to me on a turbo upgrade package and checking out some yank sites for the 4G63 bits available in the US. I Hope the delivery charges to Scotland aren't too much!

Thanks for your help.

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