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I think this has been covered previously so have a look back a wee way

basic differences are about 70kg in weight
rs does not have electric windows, door mirros, possibly aircon?
it has an ariel from the front pillar rather than the rear wing
it has less sound proofing and I heard somewhere that maybe it has cutouts in the capret for roll cage fitment.
think it had steel wheels originally too

the early gsrs have ABS. not sure about rs

it only came in white or silver and always has black door mirrors. gsr has colour coded ones

there's probably more too.

I should imagine marginal difference in 0-60 times, if any

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This is what you don't get in the RS :-
Electric windows
Central locking
Electric mirrors (can't even adjust them internally)
Recaro's (come with very basic immitation leather and amp; cloth seats and no side support)
Climate control (but mine has aircon)
Rear foglight (Imported cars will have cheap aftermarket item fitted)
Fabric door panels (bottom of the range vinyl items fitted)
Colour coded mirrors and door handles

Ref WhiteII
Not sute about the sound deadening - my car is very quiet (VW Golf type quiet!!)
My carpet doesn't have flaps for fitting a roll cage (might go and look carefully for them now though border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > )

If I remember anything else I'll try to post it but the Forum is running very slow at the mo.

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RS versions may have a short ratio gearbox as well but was usually an option rather than standard.
Not sure on the E1-3 but the brakes may also differ.

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Weight - as previously mentioned, about 70kg less than equivalent GSR.

0-60? Knock a tenth off if it makes you happy, ~5s depending on the level of mechanical sympathy, it's all academic.

Brakes on E1-3 the same as GSR, only 4|PLS| had different brakes.

RS will have a/c (knobs), just not climate control (buttons and VF display).

Foglight not a reliable indicator of RS/GSR, I've seen RSs with factory foglight (in numberplate surround on bootlid) and GSRs without and vice-versa. This varies by evolution.

Crap interior and steel wheels are usually replaced by this stage.

Black (as opposed to body-coloured) door mirrors and door handles are a pretty safe bet for spotting an RS at a glance.

When it all comes down to it, seems Mits had about the most flexible production line going when building Lancers, hardly 2 identical models left the line! Chassis numbers are the best (only?) way of differentiating between the models with 100% reliabilty.

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No boot carpets.
And as chunky says the mirrors/door handles are not body coloured.

A real good way to spy an RS compared to a stripped GSR is that the RS has the radio aerial in the A pillar, and it is manual - much like the 1.8 GSR. The GSR has an elecy aerial on the rear passenger side wing.


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Chassis Numbers??????????????

As for noise, ive started to wear ear defenders due to the noise, going deaf you see, or it could be stood next speakers in clubs thats done it

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Evolution - CD9A SNGF - GSR 1240kgs SNDF - RS 1170kgs 250hp
Evo II - CE9A SNGF - GSR 1250kgs SNDF - RS 1180kgs 260hp
Evo III - CE9A SNGF - GSR 1260kgs SNDF - RS 1190kgs 270hp

I don't think RS's had a close ratio gearbox option till evo 4 but I am waiting to be corrected on that.

Best reason to buy a 3 is the bigger turbo over the 1 and 2 - gives it better tuning capacity (td05 16G6 not 16G).

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I also think the RS and GSR have the same gearbox.
GSR is pretty close ratio too.

RS Pilot,
I read about the sound deadening (or lack of) in a review of an RS a couple of years back when they were pointing out some of the differences between GSR and RS. It also mentioned the carpet cut outs but must confess I haven't noticed these.

When test driving an RS it totally sounded like a rally car as you could hear every piece of gravel pinging of the underside of the car. The GSRs I tried definately seemed to have less external noise like that. Still noisy though.

oh yes, the RS i was in had a small green turbo light on the dash (lower right hand side) that came on when the turbo was in play. The GSRs didn't have this so that could be another thing. Get that boost guage fitted!

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hmm. I've never noticed it on mine. Maybe it was removed when boost guage was fitted. I'll have to take a look.

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The green boost light was only found on series 1 1.8 GSRs (up to mid 94). AFAIK it was never fitted to the Evolution.

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My EVO 1 RS has the green light to show boost so it looks like it stopped after the 1's.

Ref sound deadening, this could be the difference between who imports the cars as mine has been fully undersealed by the dealer. Most EVO's I looked at had no underseal and if they'd been in the UK for a winter looked a bit rusty too.

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did you know that in japan there was also another model produced known as evoloution rse . (an e added onto the rs) This version was a the true rally version and had even less features than the rs. ie it never had any form of a/c at all! and factory front rear and centre diffs.
I have actually driven of a friends at a local track event. Front lsd made it virtually unsteerable on seal.

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I think when they talk about the sound deadening they meant padding under the carpets, behind engine bay wall etc.

but who knows eh!
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