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Here is a little feedback on fitting Recaro Pole Position ABE to my Evo X RS. I remenber I struggled a lot to find references for rails, barckets and so on when fitting bucket seats to my 6 back in the days. Hope this will help.

I have decided to go for Bride rails and side mounts. It was working perfectly on my Evo 6 and allow to sit pretty low. They should be compatible with most of the non japanese seats. Sparco or OMP mounts were not shortlisted, I usually find they make the seat to high in the car.

References :
- RO type rail left ref : M028RO
- RO type rail right ref : M027RO
- 2 Import Side Stay kits ref : A35NPO

Please note that RO type rails are made to fit reclinables seats from Bride. However, when coupled to Import Side Stays, they allow to fit most of the european bucket seats. Rails made for buckets seats are not wide enough for our non-japanese seats... We seem to be wider than standard japanese :)

Final result:

Some details, seat belt and its receiver are passing through the seat, Pole Position ABE is made for this:

passing the belt in the seat is pretty easy, un screw, pass the belt and screw it back on the car, that's it.. However, receiver through the seat is a very different story. Initially, I was planning to let the receiver between center consol and seat but on the X, there is not enough space left. So, receiver will not be bolted to the side stay, but directly to the rail as seen below:

Note that this support welded to the rail makes the use of 2 part side mounts mandatory. Or you will have to pile up washers. I preferred to take everything from Bride, at least it fits together.

Here comes the thing to know, receiver plate is pretty thick and strong, so not that easy to bend. To make it work and pass through the seat, I had to mount the sit as forward as possible. That's why the rears side mounts are reversed as pictured below. This works pretty well:

changing the RS seats was a great change, at least I sit in a true sports car now. When it comes to weight gains, it's limited to 3 or 4kg per side I guess, rails and base are pretty heavy.
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