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Bargain, In stock Evo X Perrin inter coolers and IC Pipe Kits.

These Perin Intercoolers are the best on the Market for a direct Fit
Even fited to an Untuned car it will make a Marked Improvement
I run one on my 650 BHP Evo X RS, We use them in all our builds.

Grab them fast whilst i have a Bargain Price on limited offer Period

3 Black Intercoolers
2 Silver Intercoolers
3 IC Pipes/Hard pipes kits, which are all in black (its a good upgrade for the FQ300 considering they run those ugly Rubber pipes)

Intercoolers £849 including VAT with Free Fitting

Intercooler pipe kits £339 including vat with Free Fitting

Kind Regards



1 - 3 of 3 Posts