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Just added this to my EVO VII gossip page at

From an original none believer! :)

Autocar classify the EVO VII as one of the top 10 favourite cars of 2001 (also includes the ZT190|PLS|)!

We weren't entirely convinced by the EVO VII to begin with. We wondered whether it hadn't gone soft in its old age and traded a little dynamic sharpness for a quieter, less thrilling way of life. How wrong we were.

The more time we spend with the Evo VII, the more obvious its astounding strengths become. What we're talking about here is a car that can so easily surpass most people's expectations of what a fast car should be capable of, that you genuinely need to pick up your moment before revealing the EVO's full dynamic vocabulary to unsuspecting passengers. Fail to warn them of the impending assault on the senses that the EVO is capable of generating around any corner or down any straight longer than the average driveway, and you risk terminating whatever relationship you may have had with them on the spot.

It's best not to carry passengers at all, in fact: they invariably moan about how uncomfortable or noisy or cheap it is inside, and they always ask you to slow down. Which is no way to drive an EVO VII.

To appreciate fully just how ferocious the performance is you must either rent a disused airfield or, better still, drive it on a track. Only there can you hope to discover what lies beyond the limit: namely, the most perfectly balanced chassis of any four wheel drive car yet invented, not to mention fabulous brakes, digitally precise steering accuracy and a level of traction out of first or second gear corners that would be hilarious were it no so painful.

Despite all this, it's on the road that the EVO VII is at its most startling. On B-roads it's one of those rare cars in which you, and you alone, decide were the limit is. You never drive it hard on the public road and think to yourself: hmm, I'd like some more performance please. If you want to travel faster that's up to you and your conscience, because the car can itself can up its game any day.

Don't think that because it cost a mere 30 grand it's no less dramatic than a bona fide super car, either, either. Truth is, its'; probably more thrilling, and certainly more relevant, than most super cars. And it can be used everyday. By FOUR people.

For all of these reasons and more, the EVO VII is untouchable for the money, ands don't let anyone who drives a Subaru Impreza tell you otherwise.

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The more the motoring press drive the 7, the more they like it. TopGear magazine have done a group test of the M3, Clio V6 (?) and the 7. I think they rather liked the 7 ;)

And Evo had their COTY. Although the M3 came out ahead (predictable from Evo) some of the quotes were rather special - .....after a brain out blast I was shaking with adrenalin coursing through my body - there was one road.......where the Evo would have just kicked anything's ass - Very physical. A man's car and If cars were guns, the Aston would be a Purdey, the Evo an AK47

It might look tamer, but it still kicks butt :D :D :D

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Congratulations on your purchase Jerry,
congratulations to Mitsu for making the 7 so incredible,
and heres to the evo8 being even better and having a 6speed box.....

im looking forwards to the future ....... :0

By the way, while im on, you can still get a super dragger for the 7,
just the titanium hiper is noisier and less restrictive, oh, and £100 cheaper...ROFL.

Best wishes,


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Send a picture mate - haven't got a clue what it looks like. If like the look can u get me one delivered by Thurs/Friday?


PS Will need a HKS Boost gauge as well!

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Car magazine rated it highly as well in their top 100. I think it came 6th or seventh


My friend who works for top gear went to the isle of skye on that trip. He absolutely adored the 7, preferred it to the BM and the clio of course is different sort of car. Im getting more tempted by one every day esp. reading that Ralliart magazine with tons of pics in it.


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congrats on the 7 Jerry :D

I've been reading plenty of press over the past few months and everyone likes the 7 and rates it as one of the best cars in the world, Autocar world's fastest cars rated it as 3rd best drivers car (Elise 1st and Noble 2nd) Evo Mag currently has it as their choice in its class and it did will in another best car in the world test in a well known mag that I forget the name of.

Think I should book one out for a test drive.

Jerry having had both a 6 and a 7 I'd be interested to see what your thoughts are after you've had it for a while


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I have read EVO tonoght and the E7 rated 9th against an array of 40 k motors ,in fact most wre 100k
plus .It was beaten by an elise.
Why the fk the mags put the Evo against go carts and megabucks vehicles.There isnt a 4 door saloon with a boot that will out perform the Evo in any guise.
The Evo pits against the best and comes out very close to the top of any motoring critics 1-10 performance specs.
I AM PROUD TO OWN A VEIHICLE of such superiority,and I will continue to drive fast and furious ,no matter what the plod think and the general crap that drives our roads .
The Evo rules with excelence and prestige .
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