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Popped into Warrender in Bolton today,

When the first GSR Evo VII's arrive late April/May they will be the astonishing price of £27,500.

I picked up a copy brochure and quite frankly the car is 'the dogs'. border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

I am amazed the car will be this price at least 6 months before an 'official car' goes on sale. I would of thought a premium would have been sought for the first few cars?

p.s. anybody fancy a mint Makinen, never raced or rallied![img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

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I take it that the various tracks arround the UK don't count as race circuits then? Anyway you aren't allowed to race on track days so I suppose you are technically correct.

See you tomorrow


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It dosn't mention 0-60 but does say the VII is 0.5 secs quicker around the test track in Japan.

It goes on to say the VII surpasses the TM edition in all areas of handling stability, with less understeer, more acurate and tauter response and higher conering limits. The result of wider track front and amp; rear, stiffer body, improved traction stemming from the intergrated control of ACD and amp; AYC systems, as well as optimization of the suspension and use of new wheels and tyres exclusive to the new model.

There is also a brake cooling system available, that comprises undercover-integral air ducts that force feed air to the discs.

Weight reductions are listed as;

hollow cam shaft
Rocker cover now magnesium instead of aluminum
aluminum replaces steel for the power steering bracket
rear deck spolier, wicker eliminated (obviously)
front and amp; rear glass 10% thinner
aluminum intake pipes replace steel
exhaust is a straight design
recaro seats have been optimised.

The VII will be a WR car for the second half of the WRC calendar and will continue to be a base for Group A and Group N.


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I heard some rumors that the group n fia world series will stop at the end of this year and will be replaced with the 1600 front wheel drive cars

i hope mitsubishi will continue to build evolution cars i mean that not go soft on us to put the rs version out of the brochure
what i like about the evo 6 rs 2 is its diffs it's beautifull balanced and a little throttle oversteer a subaru wrx has nothing of all that.

so maybe the 7 is the last streetcar based on a rallycar if the group n goes no steetversions of rallycars anymore maybe we get an evo 8 but it will be more a steetcar than a rallycar then we can all can buy a subaru again its cheaper and will handle the same

please tell me i am wrong so i don't have to cry

A. de Vries

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Sounds one mean *******, the price carnt be right. They must be doing a limited run though, otherwise we will be overrun with them.

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does the catologue have a spec sheet with gear ratios because you could come pare them with the evo 6 and see it they are closer or wider to tell how fast the standing start could be thoereticaly.

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Gear Ratios are:


Taken from jap article.
Funny how the RS only has first gear different.

Font of all knowledge and sad git with no-where to go on a Saturday night

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on the Rs gear ratios are the same as the evo 6 GSR and RS but the Evo 7 GSR is higher and the rest are sighlty higher and lower. It looks like there going for a wider margin on the GSR and the same closeness as the evo 6.

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Before the Evo7 was announced, some people spotted a camouflaged version on the Nurburgring being tested against an Evo6.5 TME. If the Evo7 is quicker than the Evo6.5, then Mitsubishi would have published the results of that Nurburgring test now. Makes me wonder how much quicker overall the Evo7 is.

Seems like the Evo6.5 is the last of the true homologation mass production models available.

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Evo Vll update..Car travelling up M40 towards Bolton as I type this message.

All invited to open night Monday 5th March 7.30 pm. See the car before the Mags.
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