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Evo VI TME -18*9,5 ET 30...??? Do I have to buy 18*8,5 instead?

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I want the Rota GTR Drift wheel with the "dish" look but it seems that I can only get that wheel in 18*9,5" and TE 30..
I guess that this don't fit so good on a 2000 Evo VI TME? (Plug and play.)

Do I have to buy the "flat" Rota GTR in 18*8,5 ET 35 instead?

Hope that somebody know this.

Hans Erik

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I think the ET30 offset will be ok.

The actual width of the rim will be too wide for an evo 6 and will rub. Not sure if they will go on with any mods.

They do look nice in the dish look but flat there just ok.
Drop [email protected] a pm, he has these wheels fitted to his 5 :coolsm: so will be able to tell you what you need to do to fit them.
Just fitted 18x8.5 ET30 with 235 tyres without mods. Any wider and you WILL get problems.
OK. ;)

Thank you all. :)

Damn it. I liked those GTR drift wheels SO much...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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