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Hi lads. I have a mate who is very interested in this car and wants to put a bid on it but reading some adverse comments on here whats the honest opinion on this car? Would it need put back to standard? It seems according to the collecting cars advert that it has had some paint within its current ownership. Would that put you of it or not?

It’s pretty much standard as it is. The car is great although it has been competing In sprints it runs well. There’s bound to be few stone chips and all that so if your friend is a meticulous he’ll want to repaint it regardless of it’s condition. If your friend wants to own a very special Evo and has spare cash I’d say go for it. Even if he’s was to go and buy used Lambo, do you think the previous owners didn’t rag it to certain extent ?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts