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Evo VI RS - Sprint / Hillclimb / Time Attack? build

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This car is not new to the MLR but she is new to me.
Previously owned by Mat @ MG Auto Motorsport and used as MG's sprint car, then up until recently TomCI. I think it's fair to say both owners have had a fair amount of input in making this car what it is - much credit is owed MG Auto Motorsport, NR Autosport and Tom for all the hard work that has gone in to this car. I also have to say a big thank you to Tom for being a true gent with the sale which wasn't the most straightforward but we got there with it! Cheers mate.:smthumbup

Having owned an evo since 2007 I'm not new to them. Technically this car is my 4th although the last one I bought was just a shell. The car before it being my 5RS which I still have but it's time to draw a line under that build now (thank **** for that I hear you cry!).

So here's where I pick up the batton and this post marks the start of my new project/build thread.

I thought I would put a video together made from images I've gathered on the 6RS - I hope Mat and Tom are cool for me to use these images - if not just give me a nudge.

The usual suspects will be involved with this build; those being MG Auto Motorsports for the build itself, Ross Sport for parts and Electronic Performance Motorsports for mapping etc.

Like my last build I'll be in no rush with it but please keep checking in for updates and I hope you enjoy the thread.


Karl :smthumbup
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