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From today's Autocar;

A hotter Evo VI has been launched by Ralliart. The £25,995 Mitsubishi RS Monte Carlo, which marks Tommi Makinen's recent rally win, gets 10% more power and revised suspension .

Wonder if they are all Reims blue????

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What colour does the RS version come in - I guess white/silver may feature. Similar to the RS Sprint of yore. Sounds like a great trackday car!

Test drove the Sprint - I liked it - I don't think it's a cynical attempt to sell stupid colour stock cars. They mentioned the fact that they were producing one at the Autocar show!

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Evo's are going to be 'special editioned' just like common Fiestas then? What next?

Evo VI 'FLE' (Freddy Loix Edition, well he has finished a rally a few times and even came 6th on one occansion. Why should Tommy have all the credit!)
Evo VI 'de sol' (with a sunroof obviously)
Evo VI 'Breeze' (Air-con)
Evo VI 'Rally' (Mud flaps)
Evo VI 'Lux' (Floor mats)
Evo VI 'Sports' (Strut bars)

and not forgetting....

Evo VI 'Lets throw all the options on this one because the Evo VII is coming out soon and we don't want to be left with a load of old motors that aren't worth much' (comes with a spare engine)

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Checked on the rough spec

Same as last years RS Sprint

Only colour WHITE

Addition of white wheels and TM front bumper

Autocar will test it in a few weeks.

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