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Evo VI GSR, standard, FSH and superb condition

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After owning my Evo VI GSR for just over three years, I've decided to move onto a much newer motor.

In the last three years I've meticulously maintained it, cleaned it, and more importantly driven it daily regardless of weather conditions! It has been an absolute gem of a car, with only minor tech faults and some slight tidying of paint in door and petrol cap areas.

It's just about to hit 102k miles, but it certainly doesn't look like it's done that mileage (those that have seen it at various shows will concur). It's in near standard spec with very little in the way of modifications.

One key area to note is that this vehicle is registered pre 2001 so is taxed on the old system (£220 per calendar year).

Service history:
16/11/2012 - Optimum Performance (formerly FQ) - 9,000 mile service (engine oil and filter) - 100414
20/05/2012 - FQ Performance (MLR Trader) - 4,500 mile service (engine oil and filter) - 97797
14/10/2011 - FQ Performance (MLR Trader) - 45,000 mile service (all oils, belts, etc) - 95032
03/05/2011 - FQ Performance (MLR Trader) - 12,500 mile service (engine oil and filter) - 92381
11/09/2010 - FQ Performance (MLR Trader) - 9,000 mile service (engine oil and filter), Clutch Fluid bled
01/03/2010 - FQ Performance (MLR Trader) - 4,500 mile service (engine oil and filter) - 84375
17/05/2008 - WB Motors - Service (Mitsi Checklist) - Oil Filter - 73811
17/05/2008 - WB Motors - Service (Mitsi Checklist) - Castrol 0/40 - 73811
17/05/2008 - WB Motors - Service (Mitsi Checklist) - AYC Fluid 73811
13/04/2006 - Humphreys & Foulkes - 66k Service inc. Tappets - 66000
14/07/2003 - Humphreys & Foulkes - Service Inc. Cambelt
24/01/2003 - Humphreys & Foulkes - Service Inc. Rear lower suspension arm - 53000
18/07/2002 - Humphreys & Foulkes - Service - 47980
22/02/2002 - Humphreys & Foulkes - Service Inc. Wipers - 42000
23/11/2001 - Humphreys & Foulkes - Service
13/09/2001 - Humphreys & Foulkes - Service Inc. Front & Rear pads
26/03/2001 - Humphreys & Foulkes - Service - 23391
06/09/2000 - Humphreys & Foulkes - Service - 17905
07/02/2000 - Humphreys & Foulkes - Service Inc. Tracking - 11870
24/08/1999 - Humphreys & Foulkes - Service - 6000

Full 3" stainless steel CAT back exhaust
Performance CAT
Blitz panel air filter
Do-Luck stainless brake lines
Boost, oil pressure, oil temperature gauges
Evo 9 wheels
Ralliart mud flaps
Toad Category 1 Alarm (with two working key fobs)
Tracker Retrieve System (registration will need to be moved to the new owner - there is a yearly subscription cost, or one off lifetime fee for the owner)

Known bad areas:
Oil pressure gauge currently not working (sender is fine, wire between unit and sender needs checking/replacing - not had the weather to do this)
N/S front fog light not working (bulb replaced, both units work when plugging them into the O/S wiring)
Drivers seat - usual wear for age


Price and contact:
The car is currently using a private plate, this will not be included in the sale and will revert back to its original 'T' registration. Please no timewasters, nor test pilots. Proof of own insurance required before I'll let any person drive the vehicle.

Price is £6,495 ono and is located in the Cambridgeshire area. Please contact me on [email protected] for more details.

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A few additional details that were omitted from the first post...

Taxed until the end of May 2013
MOT until December 10th 2013

This car is an import (as some could tell from the 'T' plate registration. It was first registered in April 1999 and has had 4 previous owners.

I have a huge folder of all receipts from myself, along with many many receipts from the previous owners. I've detailed them all (too many to place on the thread), so if anyone would like to see them, please do email.

Some updated pictures after the weekend clean.. See them here
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