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hello...I'm new to the board. I recently purchased an evo V and am looking to mod it. So far, the car has an intake, custom 3 downpipe with no cat, and HKS EVS boost controller. that's all it has. I was wondering what you guys think I should do for my first mods. I'm only running one bar of boost right now. my budget is only 1500 US dollars right now. I am in the US so I need to consider shipping as well. I was thinking about ordering CUSCO stuff to stiffen up the car, but what do other evo owners think first things first? thanks!

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If you still have the standard cat-back exhaust, I would change it pronto.
Blitz Nur-Spec is the best ive seen to date GBP£549.

Try turning your boost up to 1.4, if someone has gone to the expense of fitting
a boost controller, im pretty sure they'd have by-passed fuel cut at the same
time. If you hit fuel cut, you need an ECU swap (dont use a fuel cut defencer on
an evo). PE ECU £550. This should also give a bit more safety with your lower
quality fuel.

Next step is the big one border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

Cams,pulleys, manifold, rods, pistons, gasket, valve springs,Pace intercooler
fuel pump and 1.8 boost; should see 380bhp and about GBP£6k. NICE.

As for stiffening up the car, Eibach springs work well for road use,
combined with a 3 point front strut brace (like Forge).

Rather than discount parts, for US customer's I will try and send parts
by air (4 days to your door) for free; oh, and you wont have to pay VAT


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Justin, thanks for the reply. do you sell parts? if you do, how competetive are you with other places? if not, any good links with good prices? since the evo already came with a decatted custom 3 downpipe, I'll just custon the rest of the exhaust all the way back with a 3 pipe and probably the apexi N1 exhaust of the HKS titanium hiper. what do you think of this? I tried turning my boost up, but at 1.1 bars of boost, the turbo cuts off at higher rpm. is my controller not hooked up right or is this some kind of safety measure? also, I think I saw that you had an exhaust manifold on your car. would this make a noticable power gain or should I wait for that if I ever get a bigger turbo? thanks!

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Sorry bit of thread hijacking here ;)

I assume the PE ECU is the same one you are selling and advertising on your site?
What is the ECU mapped to? Is it a fixed map or can you pick your own map from the PE 'range' of maps all for the £550 price tag?
I assume it is £550 |PLS| exchange OE ECU? Do you have to go to PE for this or just through you?
It looks good because it is about the same price as the Ralliart ECU and it's a better prospect than the Ralliart ECU as it can be remapped.
Unfortunately Mr Plastic has been extra flexible lately and I still haven't got the tyres for me new wheels yet (hopefully get the wheels tommorrow, didn't come today) so this is just a passing interest...maybe later on though...:D

...right normal service will now resume :D

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£550 is the cost to exchange your ecu with an ECU remapped by PE;
you simply tell me the mods you have on your car, the fuel you use
and most importantly, if you have changed the fuel pump.

You should be able to run 1.40 and see a nice power gain border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

If you upgrade to cams/rods/pistons etc at a later date,
you can take a trip down to PE and have the ecu mapped to suit your
new mods (cost approx £200).

I shall do a chaser on your wheels in the you cant wait...should
look awesome !!!!

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