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Hi guys,

Recently blew my ayc diff in my EvoV. Been a headache trying to get it rebuilt.

Considering RS diff swap but just have a few concerns:
1. Any idea what type of diff this is (open or lsd) - part# on the diff mr145011.
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I believe its evo 4 rs but not sure, seller says for 5/6's - the kit include mounts and axles.
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2. Will the ratio of this diff work with my stock E5 gsr transfer case without issues or modifications ?

3. is there anything else I need to be aware of if i was to undertake this swap, i.e AYC ECU needing to be ripped out.

The ayc unit on my current diff is fkd, so been a mission to source. Wondering if this swap is worthwhile without too many other things to taken into consideration.

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I'm pretty sure it's not a E5 or 6 Rs diff : the 2 front mounting brace are different on a 5 or 6 RS :

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(this one is from my TME RS)

maybe a 4 one, but I can't say if it's bolt on or not ?

good luck

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