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Evo IX Press Information

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This is the official Mitsubishi Japan press information from the launch of the Evo IX over there.

Here's some pics, but you can download the full PDF from here. You'll need to install the Acrobat Japanese language pack to make it more readable.

Anyone know Japanese!

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The shorter the line, the faster it is. Hmm what else - one the bars is the EVO 8 MR RS which (if you believe it) is slightly slower than the IX GSR.

EVO IX RS Fastest

Cheers, if its the car I think it is then its cutting it fine for that date :D
DaveG said:
It's already in the UK ;)
Ah, no need for the Model Report and ESVA if they are just showing it off then. :)
muttmarr said:
i was told by my agent that the evo 9 will be a limited run?

is this true?
Hmm not really:

GSR 5000
GT 2000
RS 200 (apparently)

I'm talking about JDM spec ones by the way.
muttmarr said:
could they release a 9 mr?

is it possiable and what changes could they make?
The EVO 9 MR will come out if Mitsubishi (Japan) want to make a quick buck/filler car before the X comes out. Though as BK says it was a Daimler motivated move.

Hmm.. hasn't Daimler gave most of their shares back to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as part of some compensatory agreement?
Transformer said:
Heard a rumour that the 9 Rs would be virtually impossible to import due to sva an costs???

This true???
All it needs is a model report and the SVA conversion, sounds like a load of tosh to me. Model report will cost about 3K for the emission and noise tests (assuming they pass first time, they will require a few 'tweaks' prior to the emission test) and then the necessary SVA work.
1 - 7 of 30 Posts
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